I hand build sculptural vessels and forms, either by a coil and pinch technique or by slab building.

I generally have several pieces of work on the go at the same time - moving from pot to pot - trying to keep them at the right stage of dampness.

Terra sigillata or a slip made of the clay body is applied in several layers and then the pot is repeatedly burnished with a shiny stone or polished before bisque firing to 950 degrees. I'm also expeimenting with rough surface textures.

The pieces are then smoke fired in a metal dustbin or oildrum using a variety of combustable materials - wood, woodshavings, seaweed, leaves, newspaper, onion skins and flower petals, metal oxides, salt and copper wire are added to produce the unique random patterns that enhance the surface.


smoke-firing-1.jpg smoke-firing-2.jpg

Smoke firing in progress.


bramblepot-1.jpg"Bramble Pot", smoke fired with copper wire.

When cold the pots are removed from the ashes and washed. The final stage is a coat of wax polish.